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Behavior Architects

Successful policy solutions (projects, programs, and regulations) rely on policy addressees responding in specific ways. Thus, policy designers need to understand what drives behaviors of policy addressees. Recent developments in applied behavioral science provide us with fascinating insights into human decision-making capabilities and mindsets. 

The goal of our game-based workshop is to show how we can improve policy solutions with the use of this new knowledge - behavioral insights.


During the game, players:

(1) learn how to focus policy design on behaviors of policy addressees,

(2) understand gaps in behaviors of the target population that often impede policy effectiveness and,

(3) test the spectrum of behavioral strategies that can improve the effectiveness of public policies. 
The workshop has a form of a board game with real case studies, and it is based on the results of the 3-years research project on the application of behavioral insights to public policies across the world. The workshop Behavior Architects provides participants with an engaging learning experience. 

Duration: 4 - 8h

Number of players: 6 - 60

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