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Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different coloured process streams combining into a work of art

~ Greg Cimmarrusti

Masterpiece is a simulation game about the art of Project Management.

Use cases:

  • Education: learn how to run the projects using various tools and methodologies,

  • Project kick-off: experience a life-like simulation with your team to prepare better for challenges ahead,

  • Team-building: boost your cooperation & communication skills in a highly engaging and motivating environment.

During the game participants face many different challenges like:

  • How to define the project's objectives?

  • How to develop a clear structure for products & tasks?

  • How to manage the selection of tasks in subsequent iterations?

  • How to manage the intermediate objectives so that they support the ultimate goal?

  • How to effectively manage available resources and minimize emerging risks?

  • How to visualize the scope of tasks and organize the work of the team?

  • How to facilitate effective feedback sessions & retrospectives?

Benefits for the team:

  • A shared experience of project implementation in a safe environment,

  • Building habits that support effective project management,

  • Gaining practical skills in using project management methods & tools,

  • Creating a common language and unique identity of the project team,

  • Workshop debriefing is tailored to the needs of the group.

Participants' reviews:

The game allowed us to work together on the strategy and the implementation of our project in a much more intense way than standard project management exercises.

It brings people closer. Masterpiece teaches problem-solving in an unconventional way.


It allows you to discover important principles in a relaxed atmosphere.

This interactive experience allowed me to get to know people from the team much better (also from a different side than usual).


Interactive, engaging, attractive! It engages the participants, gives them an opportunity to express themselves, provides practical tools for action!


Duration: 3 - 8h

Number of players: 6 - 30

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