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Living in a VR Multiverse

Living in a digital Multiverse has never before been so prevalent 🌌♾️👨‍🚀 An unprecedented number of people, organisations and institutions are exploring virtual worlds, deep diving into the endless possibilities that they create. Some of those worlds have just a basic physics and 2D environments (oh our beloved Zoom rooms 💙). Others let you move around, marvel at the complexity of 3D spaces and approach other virtual beings (aka conference attendees 😊) to network & connect, just as you would in our basic reality 🌎 Some let you even pick-up objects, draw, climb, fly, play… and what is the most important… create your unique worlds 🏗️🎨🤩 Here is me, waving to you from "VR Educators and Researchers" meetup, held in AltspaceVR 👋 Last quarter the same group has organized a conference for over 150 speakers and 5 500 participants, entirely in VR (read full article here) 💪

What do you need to join? Any VR headset (I use Oculus Quest) or just a regular laptop (yep, seriously…). Digital worlds are entirely free and available to you at anytime 💚 Would you like to take your first step into VR Universum? Or are you already experienced traveller, having many created worlds under your belt? Share your thoughts and let’s explore more 💬



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