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Game "Masterpiece" for Project Management Institute

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

On 13-14th of November, we took part in PMPIADA 2018, the conference organized by PMI Poland Chapter, Poznan Branch. For two days project managers, product owners and scrum masters shared their knowledge and expertise on given subjects.

During the second day, we facilitated two game-based workshops using our simulation "Masterpiece".

Game: Masterpiece Project Management

What was absolutely unique about those games is that we had participants from many different industries, with different level of experience (from juniors to directors) and completely different backgrounds - all playing together in one team and managing the project together!

Igor Widawski and Tomasz Cichocki getting ready to start the game

It was great to see how different aspects of the game come into play depending on participants' needs. We had the opportunity to introduce tools related to project's structure, risk management, communication, leadership, giving feedback and keeping the team productive and happy!

It was a marvellous experience and we hope to play "Masterpiece" next year too!



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