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Educational games are designed to help people to learn about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand a specific challenge, or assist them in

learning a skill as they play.
You can use this kind of games to either teach various skills (e.g. project management or negotiations) or to introduce organisation-specific knowledge (e.g. teach about company's structure, help understand a specific business strategy, introduce a new process, etc.)


Games can be used as a safe environment in which researchers can collect data and explore possible interactions and outcomes triggered by new regulation, strategy or policy. The value of games as a sound research method has been recognized in social science and in public policy analysis because they allow observing the effects of interventions in a highly controlled context. 



Communicate an organization's unique goals, values and culture in an immersive and engaging way. Games can be used to reach new candidates, support the recruitment process and provide exciting onboarding.

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Serious Gamers at Heart

Our passion is to transform complex business, scientific and s

social issues into smart and engaging games.

We help companies, units of public administration, universities and NGOs achieving their goals by tapping into the incredible power of games. We design uniquely crafted simulations and facilitate

game - based workshops together with our world - class business and academic partners.



Hi, my name is Igor.

I have designed serious games since 2010 and I started IGGAMES in 2018. Our serious games have been already played on 3 continents (Europe, North America and Australia) educating, inspiring and helping people to solve real-life problems. I love what I do and I am privileged to work with amazing people from all across the different business sectors, public administration, 

universities and NGOs.

I strongly believe that games can change the way we learn, explore, collect data and build our organizations.

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al. Solidarności 113/83
Warszawa, Polska

+48 883 11 66 96

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